Cynthia Hoang




February 2017


A Designlab UX Academy Case Study:


User Researcher
Interaction Designer
Interface Designer


Pencil, Pen, Paper
Adobe Illustrator,
Adobe Photoshop,
Usability Hub


Music streaming services are a clear indication of an ever-growing digital industry. Among a number of popular services is TIDAL, a unique subscription-based online music service owned by Jay-Z. TIDAL provides paying subscribers with lossless music streaming, high definition music videos, and exclusive content (which differentiates it from other freemium services).


In collaboration with Designlab and Tidal, I designed a new feature that will optimize the user listening experience. This new feature, TurnUp, will facilitate a closer connection among music enthusiasts (listeners and artists alike), allowing them to share, listen, and interact in real time regardless of location. 


  • The product will provide a means for artists and users to connect with one another more intimately.

  • The feature will encourage sharing and collaboration on a global scale.




Acknowledging the goals of this project, I began with a general survey to narrow down target customers. I interviewed individuals between the ages of 18-25 who actively subscribed to a music streaming service, asking when, where, and why to determine the influence of music on lifestyle. 

To channel in perspective, I created the persona, Olivia Berrett --a 21 year-old music-loving college student who embodied the target demographic-- and further elaborated on her lifestyle with an empathy map.

Making note of business wants and needs, I looked into Tidal’s fierce competitors, analyzing two popular services with a similar agenda to Tidal: Spotify and Apple Music. Knowing what is needed and what is valued among competitors served as a guideline and helped clarify the overlap between customer goals and business goals.


I applied all the information I had gathered to draft out sketches and low-fidelity models of the product, starting off with a general site map.


To fully convey the function of this new feature, I designed four different flows:

  1. Following a user

  2. Broadcasting a track

  3. Inviting users

  4. Tuning in


I tested the four flows with the following low-fidelity prototype by asking individuals to:

  1. Follow Lisa Chu

  2. Share Sampha's "Reverse Faults" publicly via TurnUp

  3. Share Sampha's "Reverse Faults" privately via TurnUp with Lisa Chu

  4. Tune into an existing listening room, CHILLHOP & SOUL


UI HIFI Mockups

I utilized both monitored and unmonitored methods to test the model, compiling tester feedback to improve my design. Below are my high-fidelity mockups for the app.