Cynthia Hoang

Daily UI

A miscellaneous collection of designs

(including some from the Daily UI challenge)


Hummingbird Strategies LLC

Main and alternative logo designs for a client.

Flash Message (Success/Error)

I always have the most fun when it comes to illustrating characters. Here is Chef Jeff, the head chef in Holy Shiitake! (a character from a collaborative personal project).


Little Mistigris

Logo designs for an artist collective.

Sketch Jam Logo

A logo design for Sketch Jam, a meetup group I started back in the fall of 2015. We host gatherings open to George Mason University students as well as the general public, encouraging attendees to connect and/or collaborate.

404 Page

I had a lot of fun with this one!
I've been needing to practice my illustrative skills so thankfully I had the creative freedom to do so with this 404 page.
Going to push myself to demonstrate more of this illustrative design voice.


User Profile

I bounced around several ideas for this. Referencing Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter, and Spotify profile pages, I wanted to come up with a user profile that could contain all forms of social media content, including a sectioned playlist.


TasteSpotting Landing page Redesign

Before Pinterest, my brother and I relied on Tastespotting for all our recipes. The site hasn't changed over the years and lacks appeal compared to other recipe repositories. I decided to revamp its design, making it cleaner and up-to-date.

Photos from Unsplash.
Icons from The Noun Project.

VSCO SettingS Redesign

There are some icons and features in VSCO that aren't as intuitive. Here's my take on a layout that would've been much easier to use navigating around. I used Figma instead of Adobe Illustrator for this alternative mockup.



I was inspired by AnthropologieEverlane, and Kinfolk for today's challenge, taken by their delicate and simplistic approaches in branding.


Instashop ui kit

The branding I came up with for a hypothetical grocery franchise. I was going for something whimsical, familiar, and casual.